Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Myles-Stones | What a Difference a Day Makes

Baby changes grazingpages

Ok more like 10 weeks than a day but the changes in this picture just blow my mind. My little man Myles was born 23rd January 2014 weighing 7lb 9oz and the first picture was taken when he was about 1 week old. I've not actually put him in the bouncer since as he wasn't really that impressed the first time but when I spotted it in his room the other morning I just couldn't resist.
I knew that he had grown but I never realised just how much. Where has my tiny baby gone? His development over just a few short weeks is incredible. What's better is that he now loves his bouncer. Well love is a pretty strong word, but as long as his best bud captain calamari is with him he's pretty content.
Baby changes grazingpages

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