Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Myles-Stones | 3 Month Update

GrazingPages Myles 12 week update

I can't believe how much my little boy has changed over the past 12 weeks. From the tiny 7lb 9oz baby I brought home who could do nothing but wiggle and open his eyes, to the whopping 13lb 8oz 12 week old who can grab things and who is already teething. It's incredible the change that babies go through physically in those first 12 weeks so I'm happy that I kept up with his weekly pictures so I could see just how much. 

These are just a few of my favourite parts of Myles first 12 weeks: 

* He's developed such a cheeky personality topped off with a coy little smile, and he's even intentionally ignorant. We play a game where he will look anywhere but at you, even moving out of the way if you put your face right up to his and after about a minute or so he will stop and give you the cheekiest smile. Cracks me up every time. 

* He's started to grab for his toes whilst lying slightly propped up. He's been very interested in his feet for quite some time whilst sat up but laying down requires a whole new level of skill. 

* He has a remarkable facination with light fittings, particually ceiling ones. Even mid way through a screaming fit if he catches a glimpse of one he immediately calms down. 

* He tries to mimic different noises, his particular favourite being oh-ow! Now the older he gets the less interested in this he seems to be. I think this is due to him finding entertainment through toys now he's able to grasp things. 

* His  ability to burp himself. Now he's not a particularly burpy baby but no amount of burping him will help. If he needs to burp he'll find a way and do it himself. Personally I think that it surprises him just as much as it surprises us at times.

* I love feeling his little hand tickle my side when he's feeding.

* Though he hates tummy time he's developing such strong neck muscles. He's still a tiny bit wobbly at times when he's really tired but he's almost got full neck contol.

* He went for his first swim and abosultely loved it. You'd think he was a fish not a baby. 

* His grip is getting so much stronger and he can even turn the page in his book... when he wants to. 

* His bright beeming smile when he wakes up and see you for the first time is the best cure for a bad mood. (though I've got to admit that bad moods are very few and far between now I've had this little man)

* The beginnings of a chuckle. He's not quite found his laugh yet but I don't think it's too far off.

* He hates the cookie monster, or anyone using the same voice as the cookie monster. It really upsets him, even bringing out that bottom lip and starting to cry. 

Those are just a few points that stand out to me. Obviously there are many more, but we'd be here all day listing the many things I love about Myles. I'm looking forward to watching him grow into a little boy but I do wish he would slow down just a little. 

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