Monday, 14 April 2014

Mummy Monday | Mother's Day

For my first Mother's Day we had big plans as my husband had arranged a surprise family day trip that I'd been looking forward to all week, but instead we learned a valuable lesson. Don't make plans when you have a 10 week old baby. We got off to a very late start following a late night, topped off by loosing an hour thanks to daylight saving. I've got to say that the worst gift any new Mum could be given is an hour less in bed. 

We then realised, after spending the morning with a rather fussy baby, that his colic had kicked in again. By this time we had given up on the day trip idea and instead came to the joint decision that just leaving the house would be an achievement. Insert quick outfit of the day post.

GrazingPages Outfit of the day
GrazingPages Outfit of the day

After weeks of feeling frumpy and Mumsy I finally felt like I was on my way to get back to my old self. It's funny how a little make-up, a quick braid and a comfy outfit can make you feel wonderful. I also adore this jacket. I bought it last year in the New Look sale for about £10 and almost bought the maternity one but I'm so glad that I didn't. 

After a few minutes in the car Myles decided that sleeping was not on his agenda for the day and proceeded to cry and break our heart simultaneously. We ended up spending our first Mother's Day in a McDonald's car park taking turns holding a cranky baby, while stuffing our faces with fast food. It was at that moment that it hit me that I wouldn't change the day for the world. I got to spend Mother's Day with the two most important people in my life. Granted we didn't have a fancy slap up meal and I wasn't showered with gifts that we couldn't really afford but that's not what the day is about. To hold my long awaited baby in my arms as he smiled up at me was the best gift any Mother could have been given.

GrazingPages Outfit of the day

Mother's Day from now on in our household will be small without any high expectations, because what I love about our life now, is that nothing will ever turn out how we expect it to again.

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