Friday, 19 February 2016

Bump Update | 30 Weeks Pregnant with Baby #2

Bump Update GrazingPages 30 Weeks Pregnant 
I'm 30 weeks pregnant and now in the final countdown to baby number 2! It's crazy to think that in 10 weeks time we'll be welcoming a new baby into our home and Myles will be a big brother. 

I've been lucky enough in this pregnancy to be in a position where I can take a full year of maternity leave off from work and due to annual leave before and after it means that I'll have a total of 14 months away. When I first started my maternity leave I had all these crazy ideas that every weekend we would have amazing family time. That we would use the time to go on day trips and enjoy our time as a family of 3. Well, that hasn't quite gone to plan. Instead of all the fun times we had planned we've been crazily sorting out our home. Nesting has oficially kicked in and all I can think about is reorganising our home and making sure that everything is just right for when baby arrives. Baby #2 room is almost complete and Myles' room has been completely moved around. The living room is completely different and I still want to paint the walls, and all sorts of little areas are getting organised too. Phew, it's been a lot of hard work and we've faced quite a few hurdles along the way, but apart from my dust allergies I've really enjoyed it. Some days we've included Myles in with all the DIY and other days we've kindly asked his grandparents to watch him for a few hours but it feels nice to be getting on with things and most of all, spending time as a family. You don't always need to be out and about to feel like a family, as long as your all together and having fun it doesn't matter where you are. 
How far along? 30 Weeks 
Total weight gain/measurements: Still 20lbs though I'm sure next week will be higher due to my new obsession with haribo sweets
Maternity clothes: I bought a few new items from Asda Maternity, which I mentioned last week, and I kinda love them. I'm going to post a haul for you guys but overall I'm impressed with the quality though the sizing does seem a little off and I wish that I'd have chosen smaller sizes in some and larger sizes in others. But just like Goldilocks some are just right!
Stretch marks? I have a crazy amount of stretch marks from my pregnancy with Myles so I wouldn't have a clue if I have any new ones.
Best moment this week: Sorting out our home ready for baby boys arrival.
Miss anything? Not being in pain.
Movement: Lots of movement this week. He's rolling all over the place. I think he having as much trouble getting comfy as I am.
Food cravings: Sweets for some reason. I've never really been much of a sweet lover but this week I've been obsessed. It probably has something to do with giving up chocolate for lent. Also I've been loving breaded chicken this week. You know that awful processed stuff! Ergh! Well that's all I've wanted.
Anything making you queasy or sick? I do keep feeling nauseaous on and off and I am leaning more towards thinking that it's due to feeling hungry. I've found it rather difficult to know when I'm hungry this pregnancy so when I go a while without food I seem to feel a little queasy.
Gender: BOY!!
Labour signs: Nope, phew!
Symptoms: I have this awful pain in my upper left abdonimal muscle that been causing me a lot of discomfort recently, but this week it's been pretty bad. The pain only seems to be relieved if I push down on the spot but that's not always possible. I remember the pain with my first son but it only seemed to happen if I laughed, coughed or sneezed. This time it's excruciating in those situations but it's a pretty constant ache the rest of the time
Belly button in or out? All the way out and has been from around 16 weeks.
Wedding rings on or off? On, and still turns quite comfortably.
Happy or moody most of the time? Happy. I seem to have a lot of patience too which is odd.
Looking forward to: The weekend for more family time
Bump Update GrazingPages 30 Weeks Pregnant
When baby kicks as you're taking your weekly bump shot.


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