Monday, 2 June 2014

Mummy Monday | Lamaze Classic Discovery Book Review

Last week I reviewed the Lamaze Captain Calamari, if you missed it then click here to check it out. Keeping with the theme of Myles' favourite toys I thought that this week I would show you another. Once again it's Lamaze, no surprise there then, (I just adore how knowledgeable they are when it comes to designing toys for babies) but this time it's the Classic Discovery Book.

Lamaze Classic Discovery Book Review Lamaze Classic Discovery Book Review Lamaze Classic Discovery Book Review Lamaze Classic Discovery Book Review 
I picked up the Lamaze Classic Discovery Book on a whim when amazon had it as one of their Black Friday deals around Christmas last year. It dropped to such a great price and I being the avid book reader that I am, I knew that I had to buy Myles his first book. Though I never knew just how much he would enjoy it and that it would become a staple in Myles' day.

The Lamaze Classic Discovery Book contains 8 pages including the front and back, some of which crinkle, some squeek, some rattle and each have a different texture. The colours are extremely vivid and definitely appeal to my little man. I personally love the crinkle pages as the noise porduced is a great distraction for when he's feeling a little fussy, but he also loves to crinkle them himself. He's now at the age where he enjoys turning the pages too. I'm not 100% sure that he turns the pages to look at something new, but it's definitely an intentional act. He also likes to put anything he can into his mouth and with this being extremly soft I have no fear of him doing so with this book.

As with most Lamaze products you can attach this to many things by the hook. We don't tend to use this, instead we lay it across his lap and leave him to it. It such a great piece for self entertainment, but I also love how interactive it is. We tend to spend time each day flicking through the pages enjoying the textures and pointing out the different animals. It's also been great for Myles' developtment, encouraging him to explore new things with his hands. For such a simple product it sure does keep Myles entertained.

Overall I love this book. As with all Lamaze products I own they are extremely well made. Not one loose thread in sight and definitely built to last. I even feel that once Myles is finished with it, it'll still be in pristine condition and I'll able to save it for my future children as the colours are still as bright as the day we bought it. At £8.99 it's such great value for money and if for some unfortunate reason we were to lose this, then I wouldn't think twice about repurchasing it.

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